Working Hours Policy

According to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006 (including Amendment 2013), Act 100-119; Knit Concern Printing Unit ensures better workplace and tolerable working hour by this policy. Working hour is maintained by this policy in this organization.

Daily Working Hour: Regular worker generally work O8 hours a day and 48 hours in a week. If a worker works more than 08 hours willingly than the existing time considered as Overtime and for juvenile worker according to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, Act-41 more than 05 hours a day is totally prohibited. Moreover, working hour more than 08 hours a daily for a pregnant woman is totally prohibited. Even more, those female workers who have their children in Day Care Centre of the factory can meet their children during working hour for breast feeding and look up without any kind of financial penalty.

Overtime: Working more than 08 hours a day for a general worker is considered as overtime. According to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, Act-100; a worker can work more than 02 hours a daily after that regular working hour and 60 hours in total for a week. All OT hour will be on worker’s voluntary basis and all procedures about OT hours are maintained by the Working Hour Policy.

Lunch Break: After working continuously for 05 hours a worker get 01 hour lunch break. Here mentioned that, those workers who work on shifting basis they can choose their lunch break any time they wish. On some special cases break or lunch time changes without any reason but it must be changed according to workers’ consent.

Working Day: According to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, Act-102 all adult worker must work 06 days in a week.

Weekly Holiday: Mentioned in Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, Act-103 workers get 01 day holiday in a week. On emergency need if factory calls duty on holiday, then it must be published through notice board before that and alternative holiday will selected according to workers’ consent. On workers’ will if workers do not take alternate holiday for such day then they must be paid according to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, Act-108.